Lauren Conrad won't go back to reality TV because her family is her top priority.

Lauren Conrad

Lauren Conrad

The former 'Hills' star insists she won't be heading back on the show any time soon - or anything similar - as her focus now is raising her two-year-old son Liam and five-month-old son Charlie with her husband William Tell.

She said: "I'm not gonna do it, but I appreciate that fans want it. To be honest, my priorities have changed. My family's number one and it takes a lot to be on reality television. It takes a lot emotionally.

"It's a lot of time commitment and I did it for a really long time and I'm so grateful for my time on television, but I'm at a place now where between my family and my career, I've got a pretty full plate so I'm not looking to add anything."

Lauren really values her privacy as she "gave a lot of her life" for a number of years.

She added to Entertainment Tonight: "I gave a lot of my life for many years, so I really value my privacy. I like having a moment and knowing that I'm just sharing it with my family and not broadcasting it. So, it's just really valuable to me."

Meanwhile, Lauren previously revealed keeping things "separate" is the key to juggling motherhood with a hectic career.

She shared: "It is important to separate things so that you can really focus. You don't want to be spending time with your kids while having one eye on your phone. You want to be able to have undivided attention with them. 
It's all about prioritising what's important to you and what you really need to be there for. I think when you're running a business, it's easy to be like, 'I need to do everything.' But you can't do everything really well, so we're fortunate because we've been able to build an amazing team of people who share our passion. They work really hard."

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