Metallica's Lars Ulrich has slammed President Donald Trump for wanting to build a border wall.

Lars Ulrich

Lars Ulrich

The 'Enter Sandman' hitmaker insists more should be done to "bring people together" and doesn't think the president's plan to erect a barrier between the US and Mexico is good for progress or diversity.

Speaking on Mexico's Las Estrellas TV network, he said: "I don't think the world needs any walls. I think we need to bring people together.

"Metallica travels all over the world, and through music we try to bring people together.

"So whether we're in Mexico or whether we're in Asia or whether we're in Europe or whatever, we encourage as many different people from as many different backgrounds to come together and share music and life and culture and all these experiences."

But the 53-year-old drummer - who was born in Denmark and raised in the US - hope Metallica can help "break down barriers" across the world with their music.

He said: "Being one Danish guy, being asked an opinion, I don't think any walls are necessary, and I think that, increasingly, as far as Metallica traveling all over this beautiful planet, we break down barriers with music."

In January, Lars' bandmate, Kirk Hammett, slammed Trump following his inauguration speech.

He tweeted: "Pay attention people! Stand up for truth, compassion and togetherness.

"Don't settle for anything less. Reject lies, fear-mongering, misguided anger. The system wants us divided, so it's easier to control us emotionally."