Kirstie Alley "almost ran off" with John Travolta, and "still" loves him.

Kirstie Alley

Kirstie Alley

The 67-year-old actress has recalled sharing a smooch with the 'Grease' actor and insists she "would've gone and married him" if she hadn't been hitched herself, partly because she loved the idea of the 64-year-old actor owning his own plane.

She said: "I think I kissed Travolta. I almost ran off and married John. I did love him, I still love him. If I hadn't been married I would've gone and married him and I would've been in an airplane, because he has his own plane.

"It doesn't seem important that someone has their own private jet - but it is.

"As you get older you do not want to hang out in airports."

The former 'Cheers' actress also revealed she kissed her 'North and South' co-star Patrick Swayze, and she wanted to have an affair with him, but the late actor - who died from pancreatic cancer in 2009 - was married to Lisa Niemi.

Kirstie - who was married to Bob Alley from 1970 to 1977, and then Parker Stevenson from 1983 to 1997 - said: "I would've loved to have an affair with Patrick Swayze but we were both married so I wouldn't have gone off [with him].

"I kissed him and I wish I could've had an affair but I'm a strong believer in fidelity, and he was married."

The 'Look Who's Talking' star admitted it is "very easy" to get up close and personal with a leading man while shooting a movie.

Speaking on reality TV series 'Celebrity Big Brother', she added: "When you get on the road and you're doing a movie, it's very easy to fall in love with your leading man. Very, very easy.

"Think about it. We shot 'North and South' for a year. So, for a year you're around this person and it's just hard, I think."

In 2013, Kirstie described John - who married Kelly Preston in 1991 - as the "the greatest love of my life", and admitted it took her ages to not see him as a "romantic interest".

She said: "It took me years to not look at John as a romantic interest."

Kirstie was single in 1997 after divorcing Parker, but by then John - who appeared alongside the actress in 1989 romantic comedy 'Look Who's Talking' and follow ups 'Look Who's Talking Too' and 'Look Who's Talking Now' - had tied the knot to Kelly, who would "bust" her for "flirting" with the Hollywood star.

The 'It Takes Two' star recalled: "She would be, like, 'Are you flirting with my husband?' And the answer was, 'Yes.' "