Kimberley Walsh's son "didn't care at all" when she first returned to work.

Kimberley Walsh

Kimberley Walsh

The former Girls Aloud singer had never before left two-year-old Bobby for more than 24 hours prior to filming her new Disney channel show, 'The Lodge' - but the toddler was completely unconcerned by her absence.

She shared: "I was worried he'd really miss me. I thought he'd be wondering where I was, and I was getting myself worked up."

But Kimberly - who has Bobby with her husband Justin Scott - admitted that, on reflection, her concern was totally unnecessary.

She told the Daily Express newspaper: "He didn't care at all. He was having the best time with his dad, having fun, eating ice cream after dinner - he was absolutely fine."

The couple also have a five-month-old son called Cole and Kimberley has revealed that her youngest son is very easygoing.

The 35-year-old beauty explained: "He's really laid-back and smiley. You don't have to work very hard to get a smile out of him. He's constantly giggling and as long as people are talking to him he's happy."

She said, too, that Bobby is already proving to be a doting older brother.

The singer shared: "He always wants to know where baby Cole is and he's good at looking after him. He's really taken to the whole baby brother thing."

Kimberley - who stars as Rebecca, a music producer, in the new Disney show - took time off work when she was pregnant with Cole.

But the former pop star is glad to already be back in employment.

She said: "I think with a second child you're ready to go back to work quicker and I'm happy being back in the game.

"This is the perfect role to get me back to work because it didn't involve working every day for six weeks solid."

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