Kimberley Walsh wants another baby.

Kimberley Walsh

Kimberley Walsh

The former Girls Aloud singer already has sons; Bobby, four, and Cole, 19 months, with her husband Justin Scott but she has admitted she'd "love" to add to her brood in the near future - even though she's expecting to have another boy.

Speaking to Gurgle magazine, she said: "I'd love to have another regardless of whether it's a boy or girl. My sister had three boys so I presume I'll have another boy too. It would be nice to see them react to a sister, but you can't choose."

However, the 36-year-old beauty doesn't mind if she has three boys because she loves the way her sons are so "protective" and how they share similar interests.

She explained: "They are so cute together. Bobby is very protective of his little brother. He sticks up for him at soft play. They do fight too but I step back and let them sort it as they have to learn. They both love the park and soft play so we're safe in those areas ... I'm a very relaxed person, but I'm not at all a relaxed mum! I'm a real worrier when it comes to my kids and I also smother them with love, I'm very tactile - sometimes Bobby will even tell me to stop kissing him so much. They'll hopefully make amazing boyfriends because they're so used to affection."

Kimberley manages to juggle motherhood around her busy work schedule but she has admitted she doesn't really do anything for herself anymore.

She said: "My job can be juggled around the kids so I just make it work. My mum, or an old family friend, helps out, and if they can't cover it then Justin takes the day off. I could take Bobby to work because he was very chilled but I can't do that with Cole. He's got a lot of energy - and he goes at a hundred miles an hour.

"You don't really do anything for yourself anymore. And that's OK.

"I had lots of very indulgent years with Girls Aloud when it was all about me and what I wanted to do, with people organising everything for me. Both Justin and I hit a point where we were ready to look after somebody else and take the focus off us. I got sick of talking and thinking about myself."

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