Kimberley Walsh's friendships have deepened since she's had children.

Kimberley Walsh

Kimberley Walsh

The Girls Aloud star says her relationship with her former bandmate Cheryl Tweedy has grown stronger now they are both mothers.

She said: "I think kids do that anyway, they put you on a different emotional level, I think it's just nice that all mums have an understanding.

"It's when you become a mum, you become part of a club, you understand what that means ... it does take it to another level I guess."

And the 37-year-old singer - who has Bobby, four, and Cole, two, with her partner Justin Scott - likes that all of her friends are in the "mummy zone" now.

She told the Mail Online: "As I am with all my friends that I've grown up with, we're all in that mummy zone. We all kind of merge together, all of my friends know each other, we all get together for the kids' birthdays and stuff. It's just a new phase of life, it's lovely to do it together."

Kimberley also revealed how being a mother changes everything - including how a recent spa day with her pal Nicola Roberts didn't go to plan.

She said: "It's lovely catching up, Nicola came over for a little spa date, we had a facial treatment at mine, but I'm not sure it was quite as relaxing as she was hoping for. The reality was she was on childcare duties while I had my facial. I could hear what was going on with my eyes closed and Bobby was making her do flying in the air, jumping on her back like Superman, making her run around, playing guns and all sorts ... so I'm not sure it was the most relaxing spa date she has ever had."