Kimberley Walsh used to be fearful of breastfeeding in public in case anyone recognised her.

Kimberley Walsh

Kimberley Walsh

The Girls Aloud star - who has three-year-old Bobby and 15-month-old Cole with husband Justin Scott - has opened up about how worried she was that someone would glare at her breasts when feeding her first child, but she admits she has been "a lot braver" with her second son, Cole.

Speaking to Giovanna Fletcher on the 'Happy Mum, Happy Baby' podcast, Kimberley admitted: "You know some people might recognise you and it is worse. You wish you were anonymous.

"You try to be discreet and I used to do feeds in the toilet alone. With Cole I got braver.

"You don't want someone looking over and thinking: 'Is that Kimberley's boob?' I was envious of my sister and friends who used to whip it out.

"With Cole I got over it because I just thought, 'Who cares? It's a boob.'"

The 36-year-old beauty says that she has become softer since becoming a parent and can often get "emotional".

She said: "Since being a mum I am no longer the ice queen.

"I am a bit emotional these days, I never used to be, just since having kids, it literally broke something down and I've never been the same since."

Meanwhile, Kimberley recently revealed her bandmate Cheryl turns to her for parenting advice.

The 'Call My Name' hitmaker is mother to 11-month-old son Bear - her child with boyfriend Liam Payne - and relies on her pal when she's unsure of something as her friend has two older sons.

Kimberley said: "Cheryl comes to be for advice - all mums ask each other for advice and share stories about their babies."

And the two stars love to get their children together for playdates, with baby Bear "in awe" of Kimberley's oldest son.

She said: "The boys get on so well - they saw each other last week and they see each other a lot in general.

"Little Bear is just kind of in awe of Bobby - he's very loud and boisterous and Bear just stares and watches him, transfixed.

"He's probably thinking, 'Who is this guy?' Cole and Bobby connect too, and it's sweet.

"But they're still so young - they'll connect more the older they get, I guess. It'll be lovely when they're older."