Kimberley Walsh is expecting another baby boy.

Kimberley Walsh

Kimberley Walsh

The former Girls Aloud singer and her husband Justin Scott - who have sons Bobby, six, and Cole, four, together - recently found out the gender of their unborn baby and the 39-year-old star admitted it would have been a bigger "shock" if it had turned out she was carrying a girl.

She said: "My sister [Sally] has three boys and she’s pregnant, she’s a month behind me with her fourth boy, so in my head I could only imagine having another boy. It would have been a shock having it the other way around!

"It felt right that it was a boy, because we’re going to have seven between us. It’s a nice surprise that we’re basically going to have our own football team."

The 'Call the Shots' hitmaker used a confetti cannon which showered out blue sprinkles to break the news to her sons and she admitted they were delighted to learn they'll be having a brother.

She told the new issue of OK! magazine: "I could not have hoped for a better reaction. It was amazing. Both of their faces when they registered it’s a boy and it sinks in – they were so elated and jumping around and making snow angels in the blue confetti.

"They were jumping up and down screaming. Bobby was convinced he knew. We got in the car and they FaceTimed their cousins straight away."

Kimberley and Justin - who has daughter Chloe from a previous relationship - still have "no idea" what they will name their new baby.

Kimberley said: "I was hoping that I would be but I still have no idea! I’ve got a few weeks now to come up with a good list and I’d like to have at least two, so that when I see him I can say, “'hat’s definitely what he is.'

"We like to have a J in the name, so either the first or middle name will be a J of some sort.

The stage star insisted her family will be "complete" after the birth of her third child.

She said: "People just assume you’d want to try until you have a girl and that’s not the case with me. If you have more than two children, they think you’re crazy, unless you’re trying to have the opposite sex.

"Actually, I’m one of four and I just wanted a bigger family. I feel like it’s complete now.

"I want to share this baby with the boys and for them to have this experience. It feels right. We’ve got Chloe as well, so I’ve got my wish of four."