Kim Kardashian West was furious when the late Karl Lagerfeld gifted Kris Jenner a $10,000 bag.

Kris Jenner and Kim Kardashian West

Kris Jenner and Kim Kardashian West

The 'Keeping Up With the Kardashians' star was excited about her first photoshoot with the fashion designer and had been tipped off by friends that he usually gifted his models with a special accessory - so she was horrified when her mother and manager turned up to their meeting and struck up an instant bond with the Chanel legend.

Kim - who was pregnant with her daughter North when Carine Roitfeld asked her to do the shoot for her CR Fashion Book magazine - recalled: "I go to Paris. My mom comes with me. I sit there; I wait. I do the fitting...

"I had told one of my girlfriends that I'm doing this with Karl, and she's like, 'Oh my God, he's going to give you a bag. He gives everyone of his models, especially on their first shoot, a bag.'...

"Halfway through the shoot, my mom walks in and she's wearing Chanel leggings, Chanel thigh-high boots, blazer, turtleneck, dangling earrings, Chanel cuffs, gloves, sunglasses, beret: She was decked in Chanel from the '80s.

"Karl stops the shoot and walks over to her and is like, 'Oh my God, are you her mother? I remember this jacket! I remember these gloves! I did those earrings!'

"The two of them have this love affair like I've never seen before."

Kim recalled feeling "embarrassed" and annoyed her mother had stolen her special moment.

She continued to New York magazine: "I'm like, This is so embarrassing, and this is so annoying. I remember texting my sisters and being like, 'Guys, mom is stealing my shiiiine. This is my first fashion shoot!'

"So then the shoot's over, and he comes out with something behind his back. And I'm like: 'THE BAAAAAG. IT'S HEEEERRE. OH MY GOD.'

"I'm thinking: I will cherish this forever, and I'm pregnant, so one day I'll give this bag to my daughter.

"Then he comes up and he's like, 'Kim, this was the best shoot. Thank you so much. But Kris, here is a bag for you', and he gives the f***ing bag to my mom. And it was a LEGO clutch. They were like ten grand, and you could never get one. And this was all Swarovski crystal with hand stones that was just a sample that never made it to production."

The brunette beauty cried afterwards as she felt the 64-year-old momager had taken over her day.

She added: " So I go into the bathroom and start crying. I was like, Oh my God, she fully stole my life. She stole my whole day today! This was my biggest moment ever in fashion, with Carine, Riccardo, and Karl!"

And Kim - who has North, six, Saint three, Chicago, 21 months, and Psalm, six months, with husband Kanye West - regularly reminds Kris to leave the bag to her oldest daughter when she dies.

She said: "To this day, she has the bag in her closet. And I've said to her: 'Just so we're clear, in your will, this goes to North.' I don't need it. That bag was for my daughter."