Kim Cattrall has paid a touching tribute to her late brother Christopher on his birthday.

Kim and Christopher Cattrall (c) Twitter

Kim and Christopher Cattrall (c) Twitter

The 'Sex and the City' star took to Twitter on Thursday (02.01.20) to pay her respects to her younger sibling, who was just 55 when he took his own life in early 2018, and admitted she thinks of him "every day".

Alongside a throwback snap of the pair, the 63-year-old actress wrote: "Happy Birthday to my little brother, Christopher aka 'Topher' or 'Toe'. A sweet & gentle soul. Thinking of you today and everyday. RIP x (sic)"

Kim tragically lost her brother Christopher just days after she had asked her fans for help in finding him when he went missing in Canada.

It was later revealed Christopher died of suicide, and Kim admitted she will "never be the same" following his shock death.

She said: "I am different now and I will never be the same. No one can prepare you. He was suffering from depression but depression is a curious thing and it can be impossible to detect if someone does not want you to know.

"And so I didn't know. We [her family] didn't know. And when you lose someone to suicide there is always the question, 'If I could only have, if I did only, if I was only...' and it haunts you. And you have to learn to live with those endless questions, the endless guilt, the endless frustration every day because you are in a new reality and there is nothing you can do to change it."

The British-Canadian actress recently admitted she has learned to "appreciate" her family and friends following the death of her brother.

Kim added how she is beginning to learn how to "enjoy" what she does and appreciate those around her.

She said: "I think recently the thing that has taught me the most is loss. I've lost two family members and I think what it teaches me, I'm not there yet, but to really enjoy what you do, your family, your friends, to really appreciate ... when I say goodbye to somebody I'm not going to see for awhile.

"The thought is now I might not see them again or for a couple months but I want to keep those connections. I feel I value them much more, they take up more of how I want to spend my time because I realise how precious it is."

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