Kiefer Sutherland was once held up at gunpoint.

Kiefer Sutherland

Kiefer Sutherland

The 49-year-old actor-turned-musician revealed he was walking his dog 11 years ago when two men with guns stopped him but he was more worried for his pooch than he was for himself.

He told Us Weekly: "About 11 years ago, I was held up at gunpoint by two guys while walking my dog. I was on the ground and I thought, If I die here, I'm going to be really p****d.

"The one thing I said to them was 'Please don't shoot my dog.' "

And although he starred as the unflappable Jack Bauer on TV show '24', he admitted he is nowhere near as brave as his alter-ego.

He said: "As much as I loved playing Jack Bauer, I'm not him. I'm not as tough."

Kiefer recently recorded an album 'Down in the Hole' and revealed he was too "insecure" to indulge his love of music when he was younger.

He said: "I recently made an album called Down in a Hole. I took a couple of songs out of maybe 15 or 20 that I had. Then I approached my friend Jude Cole and said, 'I'd like to record these songs. Would you help me?'

"There's a real stigma attached to an actor doing music. I wouldn't have considered making an album when I was 25. I was way too insecure.

"Songwriting is cathartic and helps me put things into perspective."

However, his recent single 'Can't Stay Away', does not refer to a doomed love affair, as some people think, but is actually about a period in his life when he spent too much time at a local bar.

Kiefer previously explained: "People have asked, 'Oh, what girl is that about?' It was never about a girl. It was about a bar up the street, walking in the wrong direction when I should be walking home. There was a period, for better or worse, I spent a lot of time there around 2002 or 2003."

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