Kiefer Sutherland still wants to make a '24' movie.

Kiefer Sutherland in Adweek

Kiefer Sutherland in Adweek

The 49-year-old actor may have turned down the chance to portray government agent Jack Bauer for a tenth season of the long-running real time TV show, but he insists he hasn't closed the door on his alter ego for good.

He said: "I know never to say [no more Jack]. It doesn't mean that we can't make the film.

"It's a character that I love until the day I die."

Though it was previously speculated Kiefer would make a cameo in upcoming reboot '24: Legacy', he insists that would never happen.

Speaking of a possibly return to the character, he vowed: "It will not ever be [for] a series again."

One of the reasons why Kiefer has vowed not to make another series is he doesn't feel it would be fair to fans, after the 2014 limited-series revival 24: Live Another Day' was billed as the last outing for Jack.

He explained: "The whole hook to get an audience back to watch it was, this is a one-time deal, so you should watch it--and then, when it worked out for us, go, oh, we decided to do another one? I don't think that's right.

"[And] how many bad days can one guy have before it starts to look stupid? Probably about seven, but we did nine!"

Kiefer - who will act as executive producer on '24: Legacy' - insists his not being in the show shouldn't matter to its success.

He told Adweek magazine: "The truth is, I've always believed that the star of that show was the idea of putting a time restriction on it."

And Gary Newman, co-CEO and co-chairman, Fox Television Group, admitted it was important to the network to have Kiefer involved in some way.

He said: "Hopefully, it sends a message to the fans that this is not disloyal to Kiefer, and that they're able to embrace this new cast."

Kiefer is now busy on his new TV show 'Designated Survivor', and he admits it would be a "very sad day" if his career ever came to an end.

He said: "It's all I know. It's the one thing anybody ever told me I was good at my whole life.

"It would be a very sad day for me if someone came to me and said, you're not allowed to do this anymore."

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