Kerry Katona hates her "plus size" figure.

Kerry Katona

Kerry Katona

The 41-year-old star confessed on social media that she feels "fat, ugly and miserable" and is struggling with her body image, admitting she is the "biggest" she's ever been and wants to do something to change it.

Speaking on Instagram Live, Kerry said: "I am at my biggest weight at the minute. I am so miserable because I feel so big.

"It's the biggest I've ever been, I could cry. I am going to document this weight loss. I'm feeling really fat and ugly at the minute. It's getting me really down and none of my clothes fit me."

The former Atomic Kitten singer supports women of all sizes, but is despondent about her current weight gain.

Kerry explained: "Not that there's anything wrong with being a size 12 to 14 but I feel dead miserable about mine.

"I am all about empowering women and embracing their weight but I've got issues, honest to god, I've got real bad issues. I'm really miserable, nothing fits me at the minute."

Kerry admitted she is feeling uncomfortable as she has an event to attend and isn't sure what to wear.

The star – who has children Molly, 20, Lilly-Sue, 18, Heidi, 14, Maxwell, 13 and Dylan-Jorge, seven, from three relationships – said: "We have this nightclub launch and I don't want to go and do it as nothing fits me. I'm really unhappy at the minute, it really affects me.

"I'm happy but not happy with myself because I've not got myself on track and I'm really open and honest with people about that.

"I think people on Instagram just fake it. I could cry. It's a mindset and my mindset is all over the place at the minute... I'm in the plus size right now."

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