Kelly Osbourne thinks all reality TV shows have a duty of "aftercare".

Kelly Osbourne

Kelly Osbourne

The 34-year-old television personality has opened up about the cancellation of popular daytime series, 'The Jeremy Kyle Show', which was axed on Wednesday (15.05.19) after 14 years on screen following the death of Steve Dymond, who allegedly took his own life a week after taking a lie detector test on the programme.

And Kelly - who starred in the eponymously titled reality series 'The Osbournes' alongside her father Ozzy, mum Sharon, and brother Jack - has revealed that a "form of aftercare" is needed for individuals who go on reality show's because they aren't "well versed" in the industry and the instant fame can come as a shock.

She told ITV News: "I think that in some ways there's responsibility on everyone. You can't exploit people without aftercare, you have to realise that TV is very powerful to people who aren't well versed in this industry.

"You need to make sure that if it doesn't go according to plan or if it does go according to plan, and it's too much for that person to deal with, then there is some form of aftercare."

But Kelly insisted that she thinks 'The Jeremy Kyle Show' will continue to thrive, but in a different form.

She simply added: "I do suspect [it will continue as a form]."

The American actress - who has previously admitted that she is "open to loving anybody" - also works closely with LGBT community to stop "discrimination" from happening all "over the world".

She shared: "The LGBT community have embraced me no matter what I have done, the good, the bad and the ugly, so to be able to lend my voice to something that I truly believe in, you know, members of this community are still facing discrimination all over the world.

"I'm working towards that by lending my voice because its so important that we are just judged on what we do that is good and what we do that is bad, not sexual orientation or sexual preference."