Keith Urban urges Nicole Kidman to work less.

Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman

Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman

The 53-year-old actress admits she “nods and listens” to her husband’s suggestions she withdraw from her projects and switch off when they are at home but she doesn’t have the ability to “compartmentalise” in the way he does.

She said: “Keith is very chilled He can tell me, 'Listen baby, why not pull back on that?' And I'll kind of nod and listen and then I won’t necessarily do what he says.

"Probably a lot of men have this they're far better at just going, 'Mmmm that's enough now.'

“Being able to compartmentalise and sleep. It's a fantastic attribute - I wish I had it."

While Nicole and Keith are used to spending a lot of time with their daughters, Sunday, 12, and 10-year-old Faith, it didn’t mean the lockdown imposed to slow the spread of coronavirus was any easier for them.

She said: “We travel together so we're always together but never where you're in a house and you can't go to the store, to a restaurant or the movies.

“Staying home, doing school from home and all of those things that everyone has been doing is a completely different life for us."

But the ‘Undoing’ actress found a lot of benefits in being at home with her family for a long period of time.

She said recently: “I've been doing a lot of mothering, which is a great thing. I learn so much from it. "You get to give a lot but I learn so much from them.

"And I broke my ankle, I was confined to bed, but it healed beautifully because I couldn't do anything - which is great when you need it to heal, right?"