Keith Richards has given up drinking vodka because he "got fed up".

Keith Richards

Keith Richards

The legendary Rolling Stones guitarist has opened up about changing his booze habits, and admitted while he thinks he's "indestructible" he decided to slow down a bit instead of constantly trying to prove it.

Speaking to The Sun, he said: "I'm pretty indestructible. But it's not my job to keep proving I'm indestructible! I'm a little slower paced these days. [The boozing] just went on too long so I'm giving up the hard stuff.

"I got fed up with it quite honestly, though I still have a glass of wine with meals and the odd beer here and there.

"In fact, I don't know if I got fed up with booze or if booze got fed up with me. I was just doing it because that's what I do but then I realised, 'I don't need this for breakfast.' "

Despite admitting he does feel healthier after cutting out his spirit of choice, Keith joked he was "still waiting for an epiphany".

He added: "It's another experiment. I've spent my whole life giving things up. Although I feel a lot better, I'm still waiting for an epiphany!"

The 75-year-old star also revealed he never thinks about his age "until the number comes up", and insisted he feels like he's "evolving" despite his advanced years.

He said: "I never think about it until the number comes up," he admits. If I say, 'How much is that?' and somebody says, '75 bucks,' I think, 'Christ, that's how old I am!'

"I feel as if I'm evolving rather than getting old. Physically, I'm in good shape and I have the same enthusiasm for what I do. I love writing songs. Every songwriter will tell you that every song you ever hear is a hundred songs that didn't make it!"