Keira Knightley went to prom with a girl.

Keira Knightley went to her school prom with a female friend because no guys had invited them.

Keira Knightley went to prom with a girl.

Keira now 29, claims none of her male classmates asked her to their school dance, so she was accompanied by a female pal who also didn't have a date for the evening.

Asked who her prom date was, she said: "It was a she. Neither of us got invited by anybody else. No guys came anywhere near us. But she had black tie because it was black tie."And she is still friends with her unnamed date.

Keira Knightley from her latest movie Laggies

She added: "She actually texted me at lunch. She is over from New York visiting her mum in England and wondered if I was there to have dinner with her."

In other comments during her interview, Keira also admitted she still doesn't feel like an adult - until she has to pay her bills.

While Keira may not feel like an adult, she has reached many of the criteria which a new Generators Z report from Lucozade Energy says make people feel like they have finally become a grown-up.

According to the study, things such as moving out of parents' home, getting married, making financial decisions and having a job after university are all signs of adulthood, as well as things like enjoying cooking and gardening, favouring pubs over clubs, watching the news and enjoying sight-seeing on holiday.

The report reveals that 24 is the average age in which young people feel grown up, see the revelations at