Katie Price’s son Harvey Price has begun losing weight.

Harvey and Katie Price

Harvey and Katie Price

The 18 year old has struggled with his weight for many years due to his health conditions – which include Prader-Willi Syndrome, an under active thyroid, diabetes, autism and partial blindness – but after beginning a range of meals by a company called Prep Kitchen, he has started to see results in his weight loss journey.

Katie took to her Instagram Story to share a video of Harvey eating the Prep Kitchen meal, and wrote alongside it: "As always Harvey very expressive with his words. But definitely loosing weight with these meals (sic)”

Harvey recently moved across the street from his mum and his siblings – including Katie’s two children with ex-husband Peter Andre, 15-year-old Junior and 13-year-old Princess, as well as Jett, seven, and Bunny, six, whom Katie has with former spouse Kieran Hayler – to live independently for the first time.

And Katie has said she believes he has been able to lose weight whilst living alone because it’s not as easy for him to snack at night.

She said: "I think he's actually lost weight because when he's in the actual household, I've said before, he's quite disruptive in the night because he goes in the cupboards and eats the food - that's his Prader-Willi Syndrome.

"But in that house, I don't put anything in the cupboards that he can get, so he can't have a snack in the night because there's nothing there for him to snack on! I think he has lost weight.

"Obviously all the doors aren't banging and there's not all the chaos and noise so he's calm there, whereas in [my] house he will headbutt and punch the walls - there it is just calming for him and it's helping him make the transitional move."

Harvey’s weight became a life or death situation last November when Katie revealed he had tipped the scales at 28 stone.

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