Katie Price is "devastated" after intruders destroyed her mansion.

Katie Price

Katie Price

The 42-year-old star wasn't home during the break-in on Sunday (05.07.20), which saw her £1.3 million Sussex property - which is currently being renovated - get ransacked and flooded by the trespassers.

As reported by The Sun newspaper, the ground floor ceiling has collapsed and caused thousands of pounds of damage to the newly refurbished kitchen.

A source said: "Katie is devastated. She is fearful that whoever has done this has a vendetta against her and even thinks it could be linked to her standing up against social media bullying trolls.

"This crime was committed to cause as much impact and personal upset as possible to Katie."

A neighbour discovered the break-in during a routine sweep of the mansion and its 12 acres of land.

Sussex Police has confirmed the incident to The Sun, but it is not known whether anything had been stolen from the property.

A spokesman added: "On Monday morning (July 6) police received a report that sometime since the previous day a residential address at Dial Post had been entered by a person or persons unknown.

"The property was not occupied at the time. It was not possible to establish whether anything had been stolen."

Earlier this month, Katie spoke out to a committee of MPs in regards to the Online Harms Bill and thinks a register should be set up for those offenders who use their words to hurt people by posting negative things on the internet.

Speaking via video link to MPs as part of the Commons Petitions Committee on her own experiences with trolling, she said: "Throughout the years I get a lot of trolling and online abuse, the difference is I'm able to speak out myself, but my son Harvey was born with disabilities, he gets a lot of racial abuse, disgusting despicable things.

"He gets memes made about it, TikToks, posters, he gets mocked in such a serious disgusting way, there has to be some kind of justice.

"People think it's funny to show to their friends, there is no penalty, they might get their account closed down but they open it in another name or another email address and carry on. Nothing has improved, things have got worse.

"There needs to be fines in place, there needs to be consequences ... if there are consequences online people will be careful because there will be fines or they will be put on the register, it might not stop everything but it might make people start thinking."

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