Katie Price is set to visit her mother Amy for the first time since the UK's coronavirus lockdown began in March.

Katie Price

Katie Price

The 42-year-old model hasn't seen her mum - who is terminally ill and battling idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis - in over 10 weeks because Amy's condition puts her at greater risk of developing complications from coronavirus, and so has been shielding away from her loved ones since late March.

But after the UK government began to ease lockdown restrictions, it has been deemed safe for Katie to visit her mother - although she still can't give her a hug.

A source told MailOnline: "It was wonderful news to receive - however bittersweet as Katie cannot yet give her mother a cuddle. Amy has been in isolation for more than 10 weeks, she was one of the first into the shielding program ... Katie will be the first over to her mum's when cuddle gate is over!"

Katie has been desperate to give Amy a cuddle, and in a recent one-off special for her reality show 'My Crazy Life', the beauty was seen speaking to her mother through a window because she couldn't enter her home.

During the episode, Katie said: "I can't even hug her, it's so, so sad."

Amy was diagnosed with her lung condition in 2017 shortly after Katie suffered a miscarriage and discovered her husband Kieran Hayler - whom she is now estranged from - cheated on her, and Amy previously insisted she wouldn't "peg off" until Katie has got herself "together".

She said: "I think I'm not going to sort of peg off yet until I know she's settled.

"I think, 'My god, it's about time now you actually got yourself together properly and took life more seriously and like, be settled, because you're getting older.' "

Katie replied: "You're not going to peg off anyway ... I might peg off before you.

"Because we don't show reaction, people think we haven't got a heart and that. We do. We're so close knit but because we've had so many dramas in life we've got this defence mechanism how we deal with it."

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