Carl Woods has described his fiancée Katie Price the "British Pamela Anderson".

Katie Price

Katie Price

The 43-year-old former glamour model recently travelled to Turkey to undergo cosmetic surgery, but Carl has always maintained that she was head and shoulders above other women in terms of looks and sex appeal before going under the knife, comparing busty pin-up Katie to the 'Baywatch' icon.

Carl - who got engaged to the TV personality earlier this year - shared: "Katie is the ultimate woman - there’s nobody like her.

"She’s the British version of Pamela Anderson and she runs rings around the 'Love Island' girls in every way."

Carl actually starred on the hit TV show back in 2016, when he made a brief appearance during a speed dating task.

And after finding love with Katie, Carl insists he doesn't have any regrets about leaving the 'Love Island' villa a single man.

He told Closer magazine: "I’m glad I didn’t find love on 'Love Island'.

"I think I was always supposed to meet Katie, it’s fate. If we ever see a good-looking girl on the street, I’ll always tell her, ‘She’s got nothing on you.’"

Katie flew to Turkey to get full body liposuction, eye and lip lifts, and liposuction under her chin.

And she recently admitted to harbouring doubts about her decision, which was motivated by a desire to recapture her youth.

She said: "Honestly, I’ve gone to hell and back, it was horrific - ‘Oh my God I look like a monster out of a horror movie’.

"I just thought, ‘This is it, I’m going to die. I was terrified of looking like a freak, like that Bride of Wildenstein or a fake doll.

"I’ve woken up with holes and stitches all over my body. I look like I’ve got cat’s whiskers coming out of my nose and eyes. But I just want the old Katie back!"