Kathy Griffin was almost charged with conspiracy to assassinate the President of the United States.

Kathy Griffin

Kathy Griffin

Last May, the 57-year-old comedian-and-actress took part in a shoot with photographer Tyler Shields in which she posed with a bloody decapitated head resembling President Donald Trump, sparking numerous complaints and a federal investigation before she was "completely exonerated two months later".

Though Kathy believes the incident was still a freedom of speech issue, she could have potentially found herself behind bars.

She admitted: "Trust me, there are times when I want to distance myself from that photo, but it really is a First Amendment issue.

"They were thinking of charging me with conspiracy to assassinate the President of the United States, because I look like the typical ISIS member, right?"

The former 'Fashion Police' star admitted it was a tough time for her, especially as she was also sent death threats as a result of the controversial pictures.

She told 'Extra': "I admit for two days I was on a ball on the floor sobbing and yes, I had a horrible press conference and all that other stuff made it worse... everyone turned on me, left and right.

"On the one hand, I was being investigated by the feds, and on the other hand, I was getting calls from the FBI saying, 'OK, you're under a legitimate and what they say credible threat,' so a lot has happened."

After a year in exile from Hollywood, Kathy is now preparing for her 'Laugh Your Head Off' world tour and has found preparing her material "liberating" because she didn't hold back on anything and is looking forward to making people laugh again.

She said: "I have to smile because I am so grateful Americans are basically letting me tour again... I'm going to survive this thing and keep you laughing while doing it....

"I'm not holding back because I don't have to or want to... I've been through so much I don't have an F left to give. I have to say, for a comedian, that is very liberating."