Kathy Griffin has been denied a restraining order against her neighbour.

Kathy Griffin

Kathy Griffin

The 57-year-old comedian has been embroiled in a feud with Jeffrey Mezger, but a judge has blocked her request to order him to stay away from her and her boyfriend, Randy Bick, and ruled Kathy can only record video, not audio, from one of her security cameras.

However, she can continue recording from all other cameras on her property, TMZ reports.

The former 'Fashion Police' star had gone to court in a bid to receive legal protection from Jeffrey, after previously claiming she had recording him unleashing an expletive-filled tirade against her and Randy.

She claimed he said: "Hey Randy, go f**k yourself ... Now you're calling the cops? F**k you and f**k Kathy."

Jeffrey had alleged Kathy was spying on him and his family with the cameras, and obtained a temporary restraining order to block her from recording him.

A hearing in that case is scheduled to take place next month.

Last September, Kathy admitted in legal documents she had had several issues with her neighbour over the last year, including him allegedly throwing garbage into her yard and deliberately playing Johnny Cash songs loudly in the direction of her property.

When she filed for a restraining order, she claimed she was worried Jeffrey would retaliate in a violent manner when he found out she was seeking official protection.

Meanwhile, Kathy previously admitted she still receives death threats over her controversial Donald Trump photoshoot last May, in which she posed with a bloody decapitated head resembling the president.

The stunt cost the stand-up comic a number of jobs and bookings, with numerous venues cancelling her gigs because of death threats made against Kathy and the chilling attacks continue to this day and the most serious are looked at by FBI officers as they are deemed to be a "credible threat".

She said: "There's a pile that we think is harmless. And a pile that's questionable. And then there's a pile that the FBI says you put in a Ziploc bag and give to them. That's my life now.

"I don't blame the theatre owners [that cancelled me]. These are theatres that are normally playing 'Mamma Mia!' or 'Stomp', and all of a sudden they're getting calls saying they're going to 'shoot her in the **** live on stage.' That was the most common threat. And that they were going to 'cut my head off and stuff it up my ****'."

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