Katherine Jenkins' son wakes her up by "singing".

Katherine Jenkins

Katherine Jenkins

The 38-year-old opera singer has 12-month-old son Xander with her husband Andrew Levitas - with whom she also has three-year-old daughter Aaliyah - and has said the tot is already following in her musical footsteps, as he wakes her up in the morning with a sweet tune.

She said: "My son Xander wakes me up with his singing. He sleeps in his cot next to me and at 6:45am he'll start humming when he wants me, rather than crying. My daughter Aaliyah follows shortly after at 7am, though she knows she's not allowed to leave her room until 7:30am. I whip up porridge with apple for our breakfast."

And although her tot might love to sing, she can't sing back to him as she forces herself to stay silent for 18 hours in between shows.

The 'Time To Say Goodbye' hitmaker said: "I don't speak for 18 hours between shows. Singing opera puts a huge strain on the vocal cords, so it's vital that I rest. The children have learned to adapt and find it fun trying to communicate through actions or dancing. I also can't drink alcohol during tours, but I always look forward to that first glass of champagne after the final performance."

Despite the strict regime that goes with opera singing, Katherine says she wouldn't change it for the world as she "loves performing".

Speaking to Fabulous magazine, she added: "I love performing. Being on stage is the best thing about my job. It's great being in the studio making albums, but I much prefer seeing the reaction from fans first-hand. After a show the first thing I do is take off my make-up and jump in a car, where I'll watch a box set while being driven home. Sometimes I get back as late as 2am, but no matter what I'll be up in the morning with the children."

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