Kate Moss never “had a plan” for her early career.

Kate Moss

Kate Moss

The 47-year-old supermodel – who was discovered when she was just 14 years old – initially said yes to all the work she was offered but soon realised she needed to be “fussier” because she just couldn’t juggle her hectic schedule.

She told Reader's Digest: “I didn’t have a plan. I was always one of those young people who was just happy to be exposed to new things and experiences – there wasn’t a plan or a route that I wanted to go down.

“But it soon got to the point where I just couldn’t fit all my engagements into the week.

“At that point I knew I had to get serious and be a bit fussier, but until then it was really just a case of taking the offers and seeing where they went.”

As a child, Kate dreamed of travelling the world but never imagined that her career would actually take her around the globe.

She said: “My dad was in the travel industry and would always talk about how brilliant it was to see the world.

“Travel was a real ambition of mine when I was a kid. It quickly became my focus over school.

“Of course, I never dreamed that I’d be able to fulfil that through modelling, so when the opportunity came it was something I jumped at.”

And though Kate misses the “innocence” of her childhood, she doesn’t long for her hometown of Croydon.

She added: “As far as growing up in Croydon went, it wasn’t a time I look back on longingly, certainly not so much as the place itself. I was keen to get away.

“Myself and my friends would drift around Croydon on a Saturday afternoon looking for inspiration.

“Surrey Street Market was a popular hangout – a rough and ready part of the town centre bordered by record shops and stalls.

“There is definitely a part of me that misses the innocence of it all, but not the place.”

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