Kate Mara is "proud" to call Jamie Bell her husband.

Jamie Bell and Kate Mara

Jamie Bell and Kate Mara

The 35-year-old actress tied the knot with the 'Man on a Ledge' star last year, and has said she has become very "protective" of the "incredible" bond the pair have shared since getting married.

She said: "I love knowing that I have a partner for life. I feel very proud to call Jamie my husband and to have made that commitment to him ... now that Jamie is legally a part of my family, it's such an incredible thing. I'm very protective of our marriage."

And the 'Morgan' star revealed she and her 32-year-old spouse keep their relationship strong by sticking to a rule which means they'll never go more than two weeks without spending time together.

She added: "All the traveling we both have to do for work can make it hard, but we have a rule that we will never go longer than two weeks without seeing each other. Even if we have to spend all day traveling to have just 24 hours together, it's worth it in order to have a strong relationship."

Despite knowing she'll have to make time for her husband at least once a fortnight, Kate insists she doesn't "worry" about the future.

She revealed: "I'm not a person who plans ahead. I enjoy the here and now as much as I can. I'm at my best when I'm not worrying about the future."

Alongside being a successful movie star, the 'House of Cards' actress is also involved in advocating for animal rights, and has said she finds her charity work "fulfilling" as she gets to use her platform for good.

Speaking to Shape magazine, she said: "I am very passionate about being an actor and creating film and TV that inspire people in some way. I do my best to tell stories that are meaningful and important. But that goes only so far. As I get older I have started thinking, What can I do to help someone and leave the world a better place in some way? Working for animals is very fulfilling. I get much more out of it than anything else. Actors are given a platform. I feel like we don't deserve to have it if we're not going to use it to do good."

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