Kate Mara bonded with Nick Robinson before shooting sex scenes for 'A Teacher'.

Kate Mara

Kate Mara

The 37-year-old actress plays teacher Claire in the drama series - which sees her begin an affair with student Eric, played by Nick - and she's revealed that the pair would chat about their characters before filming the awkward scenes.

Kate explained: "We had a couple of weeks of rehearsal where we were able to discuss our characters' dynamic and make sure everyone was on the same page with the difficult scenes we were going to shoot.

"I always felt very at ease with Nick and very trusting of him, which made the emotional scenes easier to deal with."

The former 'House of Cards' star also explained how she and Nick, 25, would use humour to get through the love scenes.

Kate said: "We laughed our way through a lot of the uncomfortable scenes which made things more manageable."

The series has been created by Hannah Fiddell and is based on the 2013 movie of the same name.

Despite the awkward scenes, Kate jumped at the project when she was approached to do it.

She told Us Weekly: "I had seen the original movie and was a fan of Hannah's before she approached me to produce and star in the show. I jumped at the opportunity and had no reservations as I knew the subject matter would be dealt with in a delicate and responsible way.

"I love to be challenged and try to find roles that I haven't played before. I am typically attracted to stories that move me or teach me something that I didn't previously know."

Kate also explained how she was keen to play a character "who makes choices that are morally and universally wrong".

The actress said: "I think anyone can relate to a character that feels lost and unsatisfied at some point in their lives.

"But, I certainly don't condone her actions or choices, no matter how relatable her feelings of loneliness may be to people."

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