Kaley Cuoco would “definitely be open” to a ‘Big Bang Theory’ reunion.

Kaley Cuoco

Kaley Cuoco

The 35-year-old actress starred as Penny in the CBS comedy – which aired from 2007 until 2019 – and has said she’d love to get back together with her former co-stars in the near future after being inspired by the ‘Friends’ reunion show.

She said: “I would definitely be open to some sort of reunion show. I can’t wait for the ‘Friends’ one, and so I’m definitely open to doing one ourselves as well.”

But Kaley isn’t in any rush to step into her character’s shoes again, as she thinks it’s too soon after the show ended.

She added: “It does still feel like yesterday that we wrapped. I think everyone is kind of trying out their new paths and seeing what their next project is, and I’m excited to see how everyone flourishes.

“I think in a few years or whenever anyone’s open to it, I definitely will be down for that. It was a life-changing experience for all of us, and it’d be great to do that for the fans, too, because we had such an amazing fan base that stuck with us for so long.”

Kaley isn’t desperate for a reunion just yet as she’s still close with many of her co-stars, including her ex-boyfriend and on-screen love interest Johnny Galecki.

She told E! News: “Johnny and I are very close. We talk multiple times a week. In fact, he literally — as this phone call started — he had just sent me a picture of his baby. He loves sending me baby pictures. I know it’s really cute, we’re really close.”

The actress and Johnny dated for two years before their 2009 split, and Kaley is now married to Karl Cook.

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