Julianne Hough is using her time at home to "heal".

Julianne Hough

Julianne Hough

The 31-year-old professional dancer is joining the hundreds of people self-isolating at home amid the ongoing spread of coronavirus, and has put a positive spin on the situation by saying families will now have the chance to build stronger relationships with one another and "heal" any rifts they may have.

She said: "I think the best part about this - this is gonna be a time for a lot of healing, whether it's personally, in relationships and friendships and families."

Julianne was recently reported to be going through a rough patch with her husband Brooks Laich, and has now said the couple will be "figuring their s**t out" during their time at home.

She added: "The universe was just like, 'Let's put people at home and figure their s**t out,' and I'm not just saying Brooks and I. I'm saying life in general and this is the time to do that."

The 'America's Got Talent' alum also confessed she has been at home for a week in order to "do [her] part in society and actually help protect our planet, protect our world, and protect humanity".

And whilst at home, Julianne has been prioritising her health and wellbeing, including her mental health.

She told 'Extra': "I've been putting face masks on and taking baths and stuff like that. In life, we are so constantly hustling and bustling, this is a really beautiful time to go inward and connect with yourself and your body."

For Julianne's spouse Brooks, the self-isolation rules mean he'll have plenty of time to focus on exploring his sexuality, which he admitted earlier this year is his number one goal for 2020.

He said previously: "One of my goals this year is to really explore like, learning about sexuality. People think that sexuality is just the act of sex, of just having sex and there's so much more to it.

"Here's a question. This is an honest question for everybody in this room, and every single person listening: Are you fully 100 percent fully expressed in your true sexuality? With your partner? With everything? You could not imagine having a better sex life? Are you truly there? I'm not either. So that's what one of my goals this year is to really dive into. So then we're all essentially, that's a state of suffering."

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