Jude Law suffered with "costume envy" whilst filming 'The New Pope'.

Jude Law

Jude Law

Jude - who reprises his role as Pope Pius XII in the Sky Atlantic series - admits he was incredibly envious of John Malkovich's costume when filming the show.

In an interview with the i newspaper, Jude said: "There was no rivalry between John and me, just a bit of costume envy. When, in episode seven, I come out wearing civvies, I missed my frocks."

Jude's character was left in a coma after collapsing in the previous series, 'The Young Pope' and his character has been replaced as the head of the Catholic Church by John Paul III, played by the 'Bird Box' star.

And the 47-year-old actor also joked that his part was "easy" as his character spends much of the series in a coma.

He explained: "I haven't got much dialogue for most of the series. It's me lying in a hospital bed. It was easy."

Meanwhile, the 'Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald' star admits that he prefers performing at the theatre rather than on television.

Jude explained: "When you live with a character for months and months (in theatre), you start to see new points of view.

"Sometimes there is that feeling, when you look back during a long run, and you think, how did I ever do this at the beginning? I did one play for a year, and at the end, I had a completely different understanding."

Jude also claims that playing the Pope was easier than he imagined and suggests there are similarities between Catholicism and the theatre.

He said: "What I learnt more from doing this was about the theatricality of Catholicism. I felt quite a kinship with it because I grew up in the theatre. I'd never really seen those parallels and suddenly it seemed obvious. It's like putting on shows. Everything about it is very much performance."