The Jonas Brothers were "surprised" to realise their fans now get drunk at their shows.

Jonas Brothers

Jonas Brothers

The 'Sucker' hitmakers - siblings Kevin, Nick and Joe Jonas - are heading on the road on their 'Happiness Begins' tour, their first major concert series in six years, and they've tailored the gigs towards the audience wanting to be "tipsy" and have a "good time".

Discussing how their audiences have changed, Nick said: "I think the thing that was most surprising to us when one of the first shows we did back was our fans were tipsy at the show, which was new for us -- we never played our music to people drinking, necessarily.

"Now that is sort of the objective at the show. We've literally crafted the show with that in mind. People want to come have a good time.

"You know, happiness begins as an idea. It's about seeing too much darkness and sadness in the world -- why don't we bring some light, some positivity? And for some that means coming to a good show and having a drink and enjoying themselves. We want to be able to be the people to provide that experience."

The trio were surprised to learn some fans had named their children after them - and joked their tattooed audience members were most happy about their reunion earlier this year.

Joe told 'Entertainment Tonight': "Yeah, now we're meeting a lot of people that say that their kids are named after us, which is interesting. Pets is one thing, but when it's your child, that's ..."

Nick added: "But, also some tattoos that didn't necessarily age well, so there's like a period where we weren't a band that they just had a Jonas Brothers tattoo on their arm so they're really happy that it's now back."

Joining the group for some of the shows will be Kevin's wife Danielle, Nick's spouse Priyanka Chopra and Joe's new bride Sophie Turner and they plan to be seated at the bar with their friends.

Kevin said: "It's an army."

Joe quipped: "The VIP section is going to be pouring over. Yeah, it's going to be a party."