Jon Bon Jovi couldn't go on tour without his favourite pair of sneakers.

Jon Bon Jovi

Jon Bon Jovi

The 55-year-old icon is currently preparing to embark on a 30-city tour around the US, but before leaving home, Jon admitted he wouldn't be able to "float" or find his "mojo" on stage without his trusty sneakers, which he's worn for the last 15 years.

Asked about his tour must-haves, he shared: "I've worn the same sneakers for 15 years ... I need my shoes."

As well as worrying about what he wears on his feet, the rocker also pays close attention to what he eats and drinks while on the road.

And Jon - who is the founder and frontman of his band - revealed that his special tea is another item he can't live without on tour.

He told 'Extra': "If you ever sipped my tea, it ain't tea. There are about 10 HALLS Mentho-Lyptuses in there that are dissolved. So I'm probably eating 20 HALLAS Mentho-Lyptus ... during the course of the night that are melted into tea. So don't drink my tea!"

However, Jon revealed that he recently "retired" another of his long-time touring companions.

He shared: "There was a picture of [Frank] Sinatra that I kept in the quick-change, but I've retired him recently".

Meanwhile, the 'Always' hitmaker previously admitted that after a long tour, he often finds that his enthusiasm for singing is greatly diminished.

The American star even revealed that he feels resentful towards his guitar when he returns home from the road.

He said: "The feeling definitely has to be there. At the end of the tour, December of '13, I didn't sing in the shower.

"For all of 2014, I didn't touch the guitar. In fact, I walked by it and give it the finger."

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