Former 'EastEnders' star John Altman is considering a political career.

John Altman

John Altman

The 64-year-old actor - who is best known for playing 'Nasty' Nick Cotton on the BBC soap on and off for almost 30 years until his character was killed off in 2015 - is interested in becoming a member of parliament in the near future.

He said: "Someone is interested in putting me forward as an MP. So we shall see. Watch this space."

However, the veteran actor admits he isn't sure which political party he would want to represent.

He added: "It has to be discussed and I need to know the particular party's outlook on the world and the manifesto."

But John has already put a thought into his potential policies, with scrapping student loans and slashing the defence budget top of his list.

He explained to the Daily Star newspaper: "I would put the money that they put into billion-pound missiles back into education. We do need defence but I'd have less of it and make sure that students got grants.

"Having that debt is not a good start in life and it's not going to encourage new talent from across the board to emerge and keep our country great. It's counter-productive."

And he would also do his best to rid the country of potholes in the road, citing the tragic case of a man who died after hitting one.

He said: "It was reported many times. This poor family man went down the hole and died and that was the end of him. The next Monday morning the council sent a truck to fill the hole in. Things like that make me mad."

John recently slammed 'EastEnders', claiming the quality had dropped because the show got "too big".

He said: "EastEnders lost a lot of heart when it got too big, too many people, the fewer people you've got the better it is."

"When EastEnders went to four days a week it seemed to me as though they were trying to squeeze four pints into a two-pint jug."