Jodie Marsh has had her Freddie Mercury tattoo covered up.

Jodie Marsh's new tattoo (c) Twitter

Jodie Marsh's new tattoo (c) Twitter

The 41-year-old star's inking of the Queen legend went viral after fans claimed it looked more like Chris Kamara, but she has now had the tat covered up with an inking of her pet Rottweiler Rosie.

Taking to Twitter, she shared: "Work has commenced on the Freddie cover up. It's ROSIE! Done by the AMAZING Sam Butler at @VintageInx - I'm SO happy with it. Anyone who has met Rosie would know this is 100% her not just any old Rottweiler! Sam is a genius. We're going to finish the bottom another time ... I am so so so happy with it!!!! Sam is the best ever. My Ralph he did for me is still my favourite tattoo apart from this one! Thank you sooooooo much Sam!! I now want ALL of my eleven animals tattooed by you!! Haha. Love it so much (sic)"

Meanwhile, Jodie previously revealed she wants a "leg sleeve" tattoo featuring her dogs' faces.

She said: "I have no idea how many tattoos I've got now. Will I get more? Yes! I've got a portrait of my Rottweiler Ralph's face on my leg and I'd like all of my dogs' faces made into a leg sleeve. Is a 'leg sleeve' a thing?"

Jodie insists she has no regrets about any of her tattoos and can't understand why people think she'll have second thoughts when she's older.

She added: "I know some people don't get tattoos but I love them and I always will. People ask me if I regret having them, but I don't regret a single one. I think they're beautiful and creative and an expression of me. People ask, 'What about when you're old?' What about it? What 80 year old is that attractive anyway? At least I'll be an interesting looking old woman."