Jesy Nelson doesn't speak to the rest of 'Little Mix“.

Jesy Nelson

Jesy Nelson

The 30-year-old singer quit the group in December 2020 to focus on her mental health and now admits she's not heard from "sisters" Perrie Edwards, Leigh-Anne Pinnock, or Jade Thirlwall for ages.

Speaking to Glamour UK's October digital issue, she said: "I haven’t spoken to the girls.

“It is weird because for so many years we were as close as sisters, together every hour of the day for weeks, sharing beds, laughing, crying just 24/7 the four of us together and then… Nothing.”

She was then asked by the publication if she'd seen Leigh-Anne and Perrie's new babies, after both gave birth recently, but said sending " a few texts" is as far as that's gone.

She added: “No.

"I’ve sent a few texts, but that’s it."

“I can’t explain it, it’s like there has to be this distance.

"We were so close so you can’t do in-between, there has to be space.”

But the 'BOYZ' hitmaker hopes that they will one day they will be able to "come back together".

She said: “Hopefully at some point in the future we can all come back together.

“I love them.

"They are my sisters in so many ways, but for the time being we just don’t talk.”

Last month Jesy spoke about how "miserable" she felt in 'Little Mix'.

Saying that her mother didn't "recognise" her own daughter when she was in the girl group

Speaking on 'Reign with Josh Smith', the music star said: “Especially my mum, she was like, ‘I think you really need to look after yourself now because this isn't healthy.’

"And what's s*** for my mum is my mum saw me as a barmaid who was very confident, who was always happy, to then go to someone who had no confidence, was down all the time, depressed.

"And that was really hard as a mum for her to watch … My mum does not care about money, fame, all of that s***, she just wants me to be happy.

"So for her to see her daughter do something that she's always wanted to do, but see her be so

miserable, my mum was like, ‘Why are you doing this?

"You live once.

"This isn't you.

"This isn't the Jesy that I know.

"You've become someone I don't even recognise anymore.’”