Jessica Jaymes died after suffering a massive seizure.

Jessica Jaymes

Jessica Jaymes

The adult film star - who also appeared on Showtime series 'Weeds' - passed away in September at the age of 43, and now her cause of death has been established, with her chronic alcohol abuse a contributing factor.

The L.A. County Corner's Office have ruled the actress death to be "natural" after she suffered a massive seizure at her home in California, although it was also noted "chronic ethanol abuse" was one of the contributing factors in her passing.

Jessica began working in the porn industry in 2002 aged 26, and she got her big break when she signed for Hustler magazine in 2004, and went on to be named a Honey of the Year.

She later appeared as herself on TV series 'Weeds', which featured Mary-Louise Parker as suburbanite Nancy Botwin who sells marijuana to make money to support her family following her husband's unexpected death.

Less than a week before her death, Jessica - who was previously a primary school teacher - took to Instagram to reveal she had been on holiday.

She said: "Hey guys took a little vacation for a couple of days I love you all apologies and I hope everyone is having the best sex time of their life! (sic)"

As well as her prolific adult film career, Jessica appeared on 'The Howard Stern Show', 'Celebrity Rehab Sober House' and 'Vivid Valley'.

Jessica - whose real name was Jessica Redding - was prevalent on social media, often interacting with fans on Instagram and posting inspirational quotes.

Last month, she wrote: "Your state of life is nothing more than the reflection of your state of mind so take a nice good look in the mirror (sic)"