Jessica Chastain thinks her grandmother is a "total catch".

Jessica Chastain

Jessica Chastain

The Hollywood star is keen to find a new love interest for her grandmother, describing her as an "amazing person" and "very fit".

Jessica said: "She’s an amazing person, but I still haven’t found her a man. She’s a total catch and I’ve been posting pictures of her exercising with me - she is very fit."

The 43-year-old actress started her lockdown series 'Cooking with Grandma' during the coronavirus pandemic, and she's loved the experience of making the videos.

She told 'The Graham Norton Show': "We were bored out of our minds, so we started cooking together, which was really fun. Because she makes me laugh so much, I just started filming her."

The pandemic actually caused her new film, the spy thriller 'The 355', to have its release date pushed back.

However, given the seriousness of the health crisis, Jessica didn't have any issues with the decision.

She said: "At the end of the day it wasn’t a very difficult decision to make because I value everyone’s safety so much.

"I was conflicted about asking people to get into large groups and go to the theatre when there is a pandemic, so I am very happy to be patient and to wait until it is safe to be around each other."

Jessica - who plays the part of Mason 'Mace' Brown, a CIA agent, in the new film - was forced to stop filming earlier this year due to the pandemic.

And when she did finally return to set, the set-up was totally different.

She previously said: "We had a lot of protocol and protection to make sure that everyone going back to work would go home just as safe as they were when they arrived."

'The Graham Norton Show' airs on BBC One at 10.25pm on December 31.

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