Jerome Flynn wants to get married and start a family.

Jerome Flynn

Jerome Flynn

The 56-year-old actor - who is best known for his role as Bronn in hit HBO series 'Game of Thrones' - admitted that although he feels "complete" within himself, he's a "romantic" and doesn't think it's too late for him to find his "life partner".

In an interview with RTE, he said: "It's taken me time to get to know myself and feel complete, but now I'm kind of ready for my life's partner to come along. I'm a romantic and have quite a lot of love in my heart. I love children and have godchildren and nephews and nieces, but I still feel and hope [a family] could happen for me."

The final episode of 'Game of Thrones' aired Sunday night (19.05.19) and the English actor insisted his experience on the show has been " been extraordinary" and feels the fantasy series will "always be a part" of him.

He said: "It's been extraordinary. My last day was surreal as it's been nine years of my life. I feel like it will always be part of me.

"I've made so many friends, and it's felt like leaving a family. It's hard to finish off a series like that but it won't disappoint, I can tell you!

"I recognise a bit of Bronn in me most definitely - he's a guy and a rogue and I can't say there isn't a bit of a rogue within me.

"There's so much darkness and violence in the show, but I think his wit helped lighten it and probably saved my bacon and stopped me getting killed off. I never expected to last as long as I have. Making it through to the last series is amazing."