Jenny McCarthy can't run anymore because her bones hurt.

Jenny McCarthy

Jenny McCarthy

The former Playboy model, 45, admitted she keeps her workouts to a minimum these days and spends most of her exercise time also watching TV because she doesn't have any extra energy "left" in her for anything strenuous.

She told Fox News: "I can't run anymore, my bones all I do is an incline of 15 on a treadmill, and then I hold my hand weights.

"I watch 'Game of Thrones' or '[Real] Housewives', and I literally box while I walk uphill, and that's all I can do for 45 minutes a day. That's all I have left in me."

Jenny is a huge fan of the 'Real Housewives' franchise because she enjoys the drama of the series and has revealed that her favourite is the New York edition.

She said: "New York is the most authentic and scariest. Beverly Hills is a little bit flammable to me meaning they're a little fake, but I still enjoy it.

"New York wins right now...I'm going to miss Carole Radziwill though".

The American model doesn't just watch reality TV; she starred with her husband Donnie Wahlberg in their own series 'Donnie Loves Jenny'.

However, the pair ended the show when her son Evan, 16, who she has with ex-husband John Asher said he no longer wanted to be on TV.

Jenny explained: "The first day of Season 3 he quit.

"And I'm like the cameras are in the house. We signed a contract, and I go, 'Evan, can you just get through 10 episodes? And he goes, 'I can't handle puberty on television. You can't do this.'

"I go, 'You know what I'm not going to 'Honey Boo Boo' you.'

"So we shot around him, and I told the network, I can't do it right now...I cannot make my kid do something he doesn't want to do."