Donnie Wahlberg and Jenny McCarthy

Donnie Wahlberg and Jenny McCarthy

Jenny McCarthy has already lost her wedding ring.

The 41-year-old star, who married New Kids on the Block singer Donnie Wahlberg on August 31, admits the ring went missing when she removed it to have sex in a hotel room.

She said: "I've already lost the ring. We were staying in a hotel and you can't have a wedding ring on... it's a little hard to get romantic with diamonds on your hand. I removed it and put it on the room service table and they came and turned down the room and the ring was gone... But you know what though? If you're gonna lose your wedding ring, you should lose it that way."

The blonde beauty, who has son Evan, 11, from her previous marriage to John Mallory Asher, was spotted showing her pal Carmen Electra the diamond ring in New York City last week.

An eyewitness previously said: "Carmen checked out Jenny's wedding ring, which Donnie had engraved with their initials. She said it was one of the most beautiful things she'd ever seen."

Meanwhile, Jenny insists there are no hard feelings after she was axed from 'The View' after one season earlier this year.

She told 'Good Day NY': "I got to work with Barbara Walters. One thing I missed was people coming up to me going, 'I miss you being you,' like I really couldn't, you know.' When I went over to Sirius Radio, they've given me a month spot to see if I liked it and it turned out to be a full-time gig and I start in October and the freedom to say what you want is wonderful."