Jennifer Love Hewitt’s children have refused to change their baby sibling’s diaper.

Jennifer Love Hewitt

Jennifer Love Hewitt

The ‘9-1-1’ star is currently expecting her third child with her husband Brian Hallisay, and while her other two children – daughter Autumn, seven, and son Atticus, five – are excited to have a younger sibling on the way, they’ve insisted they won’t be helping their mother change their diaper.

Jennifer said: "They're really looking forward to it. They've both done some practicing what jobs they'll have - but, definitely, they both have fully decided there will be no diaper-changing for them, which I respect and wouldn't expect them to do, honestly!

“That was clear from the word go, they were like, 'Yeah, this is great, but we are not changing it.' That's fine!"

And whilst Jennifer’s children don’t want to get their hands dirty, Autumn is determined to read to her younger sibling, as she wants the baby’s first words to be her name.

She added: "That's her goal. That's what she's actively manifesting and putting out there."

Jennifer’s son, meanwhile, wants to help bottle feed the baby when it arrives.

She said: "That's kind of where he is. He was like, 'I feel like I would be really good with all snuggle and bottle-feeding duties.' He is a little boy with a giant heart.

“They've got it covered. They really know where they want to be helpful.”

And when it comes to naming her impending arrival, Jennifer revealed she’s having trouble coming up with some monikers that she likes.

She told People magazine: "For me, even more so than labour, naming a child is literally the hardest part of it all. It's who they become. It's their person. It's very daunting. We have thrown some [names] out there and there's some thoughts on it, but nothing is solidified yet.”