Jennifer Lawrence gets "really overwhelmed" at parties.

Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence

The 26-year-old actress has attended her fair share of award ceremony bashes over the years, but she doesn't always enjoy going because the large volume of people present overwhelms her, and she ends up "trapping" two people she can talk to.

Speaking on 'The Late Late Show with James Corden', the 'Passengers' actress said: "I get really overwhelmed by the amount of people, then I find two people and I imprison them and I trap them and I'm like 'It's you and me'."

The 'Hunger Games' star has sketchy memories of one Oscars after-party where she got "really, really wasted".

Jennifer - who won the Best Actress Oscar in 2013 for her performance in 'Silver Linings Playbook' - added: "One year for the Oscars, I think it was the 'American Hustle' year, I juice cleansed and then got really, really wasted. Then something was smoking and then I barfed, at Guy Oseary's house. I vomited, cheers Guy.

"'I remember going up to Ellen Page and saying, 'I need to get in my car,' and she was like, 'Not my problem.' And I was like, 'Take me home Ellen!' "

Elsewhere on the show, Jennifer discussed her idea for a brand new mobile app that would allow people to see what their baby would look like if the other parent was their pet dog.

She said: "Or a cat ... of course you could do it with a cat, but I don't recommend it because cats are from the underworld.

"It's all in the details, it has to be very real."