Jenna Dewan's daughter Everly is obsessed with her new baby brother.

Jenna Dewan

Jenna Dewan

The six-year-old daughter of Jenna and her ex-husband Channing Tatum is loving the experience of being a big sister to newborn brother Callum - whom Jenna has with her fiancée Steve Kazee - and is already keen on switching bedrooms so she can share a room with her sibling.

Speaking about Everly, Jenna - who gave birth to Callum earlier this month - said: "I was so excited for her to meet her little brother.

"She came to the hospital and it was adorable. She nuzzled him, she cuddled with him. She kept talking in a little baby voice and she was showing him pictures.

"She keeps asking me when she can share a room with him."

The 'Flirty Dancing' star can't believe how hands-on her eldest child is being either, as Everly is happy to get stuck in when it comes to changing Callum's nappy.

Jenna added to People magazine: "She always wants to hold Callum. I don't push him on her, but she's been so excited and very loving towards him and open and cuddly.

"She knows to get the wipes [for diaper changes]. I encourage her to help. I let her pick out what he's going to wear during the day and his outfits for bedtime. She also has a lullaby that she likes to sing to him."

Meanwhile, Jenna previously revealed Everly "likes being in charge" and being "a little helper", as she had helped her mother organise Callum's nursery before he was born.

The 'Step Up' actress gushed last month: "She helped me organise everything in the nursery: the clothes, stuffed animals, beanbag chairs.

"She likes being in charge and is a little helper."