Jemima Kirke found shooting sex scenes with Jamie Dornan "intimidating" because he's so handsome.

Jemima Kirke

Jemima Kirke

The 33-year-old actress claims she is "unfamiliar" being around such a good-looking man and she got particularly flustered when the 'Fifty Shades of Grey' star had to get "really close" to her in a particularly raunchy moment in their new movie 'Untogether'.

Appearing alongside her sister and co-star Lola Kirke on 'Busy Tonight', she told host Busy Phillips: "In terms of how he looks, I'd never been in that situation.

"I'm not familiar with someone who looks like that...I had to do a lot of work.

"I did because I just didn't, he looks like a sculpture.

"It wasn't intimidating he did this one part where he's supposed to go down on me and there was no, I was like 'Oh my god, like wow, you really...' He didn't go down on me at all, at all, no, but there was no like, it was close.

"And I'm like, of course 'Fifty Shades' - he knows what he's doing. He was really close."

Meanwhile, Jamie recently insisted he doesn't feel typecast by the 'Fifty Shades' saga because there are so few other characters out there like kinky businessman Christian Grey.

He said: "I don't know how much onus I would put on me trying to step away from 'Fifty Shades'. In some ways, I feel the opposite of typecast.

"Mostly for the fact that there aren't a lot of scripts out there about sadomasochist men."

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