Jay McGuiness says he doesn't "play hard to get".

Jay McGuiness

Jay McGuiness

The Wanted member feels he was chosen to be in the boy band due to his "nice" persona, and has admitted that although he doesn't take the "bad boy" approach when he's flirting with women, he thinks "some people like a bit of rough".

Speaking on 'Loose Women' she said: "I don't play hard to get. With me and the boys we are all very different and I think the record label got us for that like, nice boy, bad boy thing.

"I think that it's just different strokes for different folks isn't it? I think some people like a bit of rough."

Although the 'All Time Low' hitmaker is currently single, he's filling his time by starring in the musical adaptation of the 1988 film 'Big', which starred Tom Hanks and follows 12-year-old Josh Baskin (David Moscow) who transforms into a 30-year-old man (Hanks).

Jay went on to explain that one of the most famous scenes in the movie - where Tom's character plays a tune on a giant walking piano - will be included in the show and confessed that although it's intimidating recreating such an iconic scene he "really loves it".

He said: "It's really intense and a lot of fun but the best thing is the big piano. All that stuff is in there. That scene is as tricky as it looks, ours is basically a mirror image of that.

"If you think the piano is just a giant glorified dance mat. I mean I could get on there and get the notes right, it was a lot of fun. The feeling is a mixture of fear but also so much of really loving it."