Jarvis Cocker's life became "problematic" following his infamous Michael Jackson protest.

Jarvis Cocker

Jarvis Cocker

The 56-year-old star famously took to the stage during the 1996 BRIT Awards during the late 'Thriller' hitmaker's performance of 'Earth Song' - which saw images of starving children projected on a screen while the singer was depicted as a Christ-like figure being worshipped by those around him - and although he still stands by his actions, he admitted the notoriety he received afterwards was tough.

He said: "It propelled me to a level of notoriety that made day-to-day living quite problematic. But it was in poor taste and no one else was gonna do anything about it.

"So from that position, I can reason that it was a good thing to have done but it still f***ed me over."

Jarvis took to the stage and waved his butt at the audience and he's amazed the incident - which saw him detained by police on suspicion of assault before being released without charge - is still frequently misremembered.

He told MOJO magazine: "Most people seem convinced that I mooned. Euch! What an idea."

Meanwhile, Jarvis really had his first talk about sex with his 16-year-old son Albert, and though he's unsure the teenager found the exchange helpful, it was "useful" to the former Pulp frontman.

He said: "The first thing of course is he started laughing. Still, I was glad I done it. Whether it was useful to him, I don't know. It was useful to me."

The 'Common People' hitmaker has previously spoken of how "distasteful" he found Jackson's performance.

He said: "I was just sat there and watching it and feeling a bit ill, 'cause he's there doing his Jesus act.

"And I could kind of see - It seemed to me there was a lot of other people who kind of found it distasteful as well, and I just thought: 'The stage is there, I'm here and you can actually just do something about it and say this is a load of rubbish if you wanted.' "