Jane Seymour believes Me Too "rules" have gone too far now.

Jane Seymour

Jane Seymour

The 69-year-old actress thinks people are "very conscious now" about what they say and do, particularly when it comes to people in the media business.

She said: "I think, like anything, people go in the opposite direction. People are very conscious now, especially in the media business. There are all these rules. It's ridiculous."

Jane used the example of having a sound recordist place a microphone on her, with them now required to specifically ask if they can do so, even though that is their job.

And the 'Live and Let Die' star has recalled how she once quit acting for a year after being groped on her thigh in 1972 by a Hollywood producer.

Speaking to The Sun newspaper, she added: "I just realised that was even more stupid, because why would I quit something I loved because of one person?"

Meanwhile, Jane previously revealed she has been asked "a million times" to do nude scenes.

She said: "Offers have come in and there has been so much positive reaction. I have been asked a million times to take my clothes off, especially in England. In English television, you get out of bed and you do not have clothes on. Or you go to the bathroom and it is not even sexual, it is how they do it. I chose not to."

The 'Live and Let Die' actress is proud to have kept her clothes on for Playboy and thinks her "sensual" photos are much more appealing than revealing everything.

She added: "I have always intimated [nudity], but never shown some areas of my body and it was a choice. Everyone has a choice. I have nothing against it, a lot of people do it. Helen Mirren being one. I am the only woman to not be nude in Playboy - three times - and I always maintained that being dressed and being sensual is much more appealing than just baring it all."

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