Jamie and Louise Redknapp's eldest son Charley is in hospital for a hernia operation.

Louise and Jamie Redknapp

Louise and Jamie Redknapp

The 47-year-old retired soccer player has revealed that Charley is on the mend although he will be unable to play rugby.

Discussing the importance of children playing sport after the UK's coronavirus lockdown restrictions on ITV's 'Good Morning Britain', the 'A League of Their Own' star said: "My youngest has got a game on Sunday. He's in the academy for Chelsea. My eldest Charley had a hernia operation, so he's out of action. No rugby for him awhile."

Jamie and Louise - who share the 16-year-old as well as 11-year-old Beau – divorced in 2017 after almost two decades of marriage and Louise recently confessed that she "regrets" taking part in 'Strictly Come Dancing' as it led to the end of the couple's marriage.

The 46-year-old singer appeared on the popular BBC show in 2016 and believes that things may have turned out differently if she had competed on the programme in the past.

In her new book, 'You've Got This', she explains: "If I'd done the show four years earlier, this wouldn't have happened. I wouldn't have walked away from my marriage."

Louise also thinks that she would have been "too scared" to leave Jamie if she hadn't taken part in the show but also believes that it has reignited her career and opened up new opportunities.

She said: "I still wish I'd done things differently because I feel like I hurt a lot of people and I'll always be sorry for that.

"I felt like certain people had my back, and, in hindsight this wasn't really the case.

"I was so scared about going back to normal life and losing what I'd achieved on the show."