Jamie Lee Curtis' husband calls her "Janie" when they're getting intimate.

Jamie Lee Curtis

Jamie Lee Curtis

The 'Halloween Kills' actress never used to like her moniker because other children poked fun at her for having a boy's name so she asked her parents, late Hollywood stars Tony Curtis and Janet Leigh, to change it slightly.

Although the name change never stuck, the 62-year-old star admitted her husband, Christopher Guest, can't resist reminding her of her short-lived alternative identity when they're enjoying "moments of great intimacy".

She said: "For about a week, my family—I told them, 'I want you to call me 'Janie,' so for like a week, my parents are like, 'Whatever.' They would say 'Janie,' which didn't last very long.

"My husband will - in moments of great intimacy, when you are not trying to laugh, if you know what I mean - when are you going for something else, Christopher will look at me and say, 'Oh, Janie.'"

Jamie admitted she never used her middle name until she was launching her career because it would have felt "pretentious" to do so.

Asked if she ever just went by 'Jamie Curtis' during an appearance on 'The Late Late Show', she said: "Oh, yes - many, many, many, many times. That was who I was until I became an actor. I would never have called myself a three-name person. That felt a little pretentious."

The 'Knives Out' actress previously admitted she feels "safe" with her husband, who she married over 36 years ago.

She said: "I feel safe when I drive up and see that [he is] home. That's the long marriage.

"It's the safety of knowing his car is in the garage, that I'm not alone."

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