James Blunt is to be reunited with the family heirlooms that were stolen from his Ibiza home.

James Blunt

James Blunt

The 46-year-old singer had over 100 items, including a pocket watch that belonged to his grandfather and a bayonet he used as a serving soldier, taken from the property last month but he's now set to get them back after local police apprehended two men who they believe to be responsible for a string of thefts in the area.

A Guardia Civil operation known as Second saw two brothers arrested, one of whom had been arrested for burglary four years ago, and another who also has a criminal record.

Both have been released from custody pending trial, much to the disappointment of their alleged victims.

Toni, a representative of the burglary victims told local newspaper El Periódico de Ibiza y Formentera: "What else do these criminals have to do to get into prison? It is crazy and very difficult to understand. They have been arrested with the tools they use for the heist and with stolen property, but now they are back on the streets.

"Unfortunately, there is once again a feeling of helplessness on the island because today or tomorrow they will steal again. It is incomprehensible.

"The Guardia Civil is doing its job, but stealing in Ibiza is very cheap, as very few people go to prison".

Local law enforcement authorities have released a photo of the items they recovered from a warehouse, including designer shoes, jewellery and even an erotic sculpture, which were said to be worth £250,000. The stolen pieces now await identification and collection from their owners.

James and his wife Sofia spent several months of the coronavirus lockdown in their luxury villa, which they bought back in 2006 for £1.7 million.

The 150-year-old property boasts six bedrooms, a library, a huge swimming pool and a bar, which was rebranded as Blunty's Bar: Where Everybody's Beautiful.

The family were not staying at the holiday home during the time of the raid but say the property was occupied during the crime.

The thieves also took the 'You're Beautiful' hitmaker's clothing, as well as some furniture from the property.

James quipped: "The thieves took about 100 items, including a black and white cowhide rug that my wife didn't like, so I suspect she could be involved.

"They also took all my T-shirts and shirts. They can't have a very good sense of aesthetics."

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